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Flares Nottingham

In their own words…

“Nights out in Nottingham don’t get groovier than the permanent party at Flares, the sensational 70s bar and disco famed for making those good times roll.

Party people dig our funky DJ crafted play lists of dance floor fillers. Sing and dance to great 70s tracks, enjoy great prices on the best drinks or celebrate with friends and book a party package!

Hot chicks and cool cats flock to Flares in Nottingham every night of the week. Student parties, stag parties, hen parties and office parties all get diggin’ it, with more funky tunes than you can shake a sitar at. So get with the beat, get glammed up and join us in Nottingham for your next big Boogie Night out!”

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Great for…

  • Dancing like a loon
  • Cheesing it up
  • Chatting to some new friends
  • Cheap drinks
  • Checking out the talent

Where is it?

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Rating: 3.8/10 (32 votes cast)
Flares, 3.8 out of 10 based on 32 ratings

7 comments so far, what do you think about “Flares”?

  1. Steph says:

    I LOVE FLARES! the staff are so happy and the music is amazing GO THERE

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  2. martin says:

    I used to be a regular in here . it used to be ok . . . but what the hell has happend since november last year ! wed night used to be the busiest in nottingham saturdays were good . . .but now . .the place is run down . . the staff are miserable . .the music is terrible . the dj s dont know what to play anymore. there more to 70s than grease!! and abba ! sorry but ive took myself to oceana . different class !!!!!! Martin

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  3. Anon says:

    I really like Flares! You can’t go wrong here, you get what you expect and everyone knows its cheese but its certainly a place you can boogie the night away without a care!

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  4. Ken says:

    Its not too bad, you either love Flares or you don’t in my opinion but i do think there tends to be an older generation that goes there.

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  5. Rich says:

    Just like any other Flares, bright colours, cheesy music, got to say it’s not really my cup of tea.

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  6. Simon says:

    You can’t judge a Flares using any other bar or clubs criteria, it is a law unto itself. Chhesy music, no one caring, brightly coloured alchopops, sweaty drinkers who will ask you if youre looking at their bird… its no more and no less. Any thoughts of being better than this, and youre gonna hate it!

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    • linda says:

      flares was a fun pub to be in the djs were brillant and the staff then really good but since it became another name and made to a 90s pub its more for the students me i aint been in flares for a year ,,,,,, mel was a great dj in flares and dave but they lleft because of the changes even the old customers dont come anymore it was a good fun place to be in but now its crap

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