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Gatecrasher Nottingham

In their own words…

“Living the technicolour dream. Gatecrasher’s affair with Nottingham continues apace – This time our love goes extreme. This time it’s ultra! All new for all time tripping the light fantastic.

Wander the four rooms, gasp at the marvel – The sonic pulse in the heart of the Midlands beats to an all new & different drum. New sound. New light. New club. New plight. This is it – This is the un-real deal.”

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Great for…

  • Talent
  • Dressing to impress
  • Dancing
  • Late night
  • Saying you have been!

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Gatecrasher , 5.2 out of 10 based on 32 ratings

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  1. nottsgirl679 says:

    I went to a chase & status gig a little while ago and the place was packed (as expected) but in the main room downstairs, there were fights and stuff breaking out, no security/around whatsoever you couldn’t move out of the way because everybody was crammed in like sardines and then when you did manage yo get near the edge, you couldn’t leave the area because the walkways were packed with people. I can only hope that if there was a fire (as there was a year or two ago), they have alternative exits as there was no chance that prior would be able to leave that way. I decided to leave as soon as I’d managed to fight my way out, I was going to leave. I spoke to a number of staff on the way out who told me that any application for a refund would have to be done via the website . When I tried to do this, I discovered that gatecrasher’s policy is to only give a refund on the night – the member of staff I spoke to obviously would have known and purposefully misinformed me. I did send a complaint regarding the blatant lie i was told regarding refunds and I never even received a reply. Massively disrespectful and a company that obviously doesn’t care about good service as long as they are puking the money in.

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  2. K says:

    can you go if your forty would you look out of place

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  3. Aga Krol says:

    I love Gatecrasher.I can find hier great people and great music.!!

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  4. Jason Taylor says:

    Those are some serious ques! I’d def recommend getting there 11pm ish, any later and its a long wait in the cold!!

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