FAQ: When Does Nottingham Uni Start?

Will university of Nottingham Open in September?

Safeguarding our community in the new academic year For our undergraduate students and many postgraduates, our new academic year will start, as planned, on 21 September 2020.

What months do universities start?

University academic year divides into:

  • First semester: from the beginning of October to the end of February. Some courses begin as early as September.
  • Second semester: from the beginning of March to the end of July.

What is university term time?

If your university academic calendar is split into terms, then you will usually have your academic year cut into three sections. These terms will usually run from September-December, January-March and April-June.

How do I check my NTU schedule?

Check your class schedule at https://wish.wis.ntu.edu.sg/webexe/owa/aus_schedule.main so that you know the courses you should register for and the time slots of these courses.

Are students back at Nottingham University?

Term begins on Monday 20 September 2021, and students are expected to arrive on campus by then. Following an extended period of Welcome and induction, teaching for the majority of students will begin on Monday 4 October 2021.

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Are there any Covid cases at Nottingham University?

There are currently 52 active cases – 26 cases among students and 26 cases among staff. Alongside the national ‘Pillar 2’ testing regime for people with symptoms of Covid-19, the University has its own asymptomatic testing programme. It will mean our case data may be higher than other universities.

What age do you go to uni UK?

The minimum age to study a degree programme at the university is normally at least 17 years old by the 20 September in the year the course begins. There is no upper age limit. The University will continue to review the minimum age requirement in light of recent changes to national legislation.

Is August fall for college?

Fall semester begins anywhere from mid-August to early September and runs through the beginning of December, with one to two weeks devoted to finals. Spring semester runs from January (or February, depending on when your school resumes post-winter break) through May.

What month do uni courses end?

For the majority of students, each academic year will run from 1 September to 31 August but there are 4 official start dates in each academic year with each lasting 12 months. You can find the one which applies to you based your course start date.

What month do most colleges start?

So when does college start? Most schools on the semester system will have a fall and spring semester. Fall semesters typically start in mid to late August and run through December. Spring semesters will start in mid to late January of the following year.

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What month do you graduate university UK?

The University’s ceremonies – or “Presentations of Graduates” – occur Britain and Ireland throughout the year, usually in two batches; March to June, then September to November.

Do masters students get holidays?

For masters students, only Christmas (end of the study week in the university’s Semester 1 to the beginning of the university’s Semester 1 Examination Period) and Easter (end of the university’s Semester 2 and the beginning of the university’s Semester 3 Study Period) are vacations.

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