FAQ: When Was Broadmarsh Nottingham Built?

When was Victoria Centre Nottingham built?

The shopping centre was built between 1967 and 1972 by Taylor Woodrow. Above the shopping centre rise the 26 floor, 256 ft (78 m) high Victoria Centre Flats, which run north–south along their length.

When did broadmarsh shopping centre close?

By early July 2020, the part-demolished shopping centre had closed and the site was handed back to the freeholder, Nottingham City Council. On 6 August 2020, it was announced that the centre would be completely demolished at a cost of £8 million.

What’s happening with broadmarsh Nottingham?

Nottingham’s Broadmarsh shopping centre is a monument to a retail heyday now past. Final demolition will begin this month after works to reinvent the building, which opened in 1975, were abandoned when its owner, the retail property group Intu, went bust last year and the lease was taken on by the local council.

Can you still walk through broadmarsh Nottingham?

The walkway closed in July because of safety concerns. ‘When the Broadmarsh Centre was passed to the City Council, we said our first priority was to reopen this walkway safely and as quickly as possible.

Why is Nottingham Victoria Station closed?

Victoria, which closed in 1967, was one of 31 sites explored for a possible East Midlands station, but the idea of using the site, now occupied by the intu Victoria Centre, was ditched early into the process owing to “construction costs and impact”.

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Who owns Victoriacent?

The view down Carrington Street, in the early 1970s, before the Broadmarsh Centre was built. There were two banks – Lloyds, where manager Anthony Marlow Goodman said: “Carrington Street has a great future.

When did alders close in Nottingham?

The administrator of department store group Allders has announced the first store closure from the collapsed store chain. Administrator Kroll said the Allders store in Nottingham would close on March 24. A further 149 jobs will be lost, bringing the total redundancies across the chain to more than 900.

Can you cut through broadmarsh?

A busy walkway through the intu Broadmarsh Centre will be closed overnight until the huge redevelopment of the centre is complete. Anyone wishing to use the popular cut-through – particularly to get to the train station – between 7pm and 7am will have to use a diversion which takes in Maid Marian Way and Castle Gate.

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