How To Get To Alton Towers From Nottingham By Bus?

Is there a staff bus to Alton Towers?

The D&G Bus has reintroduced service X41 to Alton Towers Resort from Monday, July 27.

Is there a coach to Alton Towers?

You can book your Alton Towers coach hire and Alton Towers tickets directly through us, we offer our clients exclusive pricing when it comes to our Alton Towers packages, call us on 0800 112 3770 to enquire. We offer discounted pricing for tickets to Alton Towers meaning you can save when booking through us.

Is the Monorail at Alton Towers open?

The Monorail will be open from 9AM, subject to availability.

What time does the Monorail open at Alton Towers?

The Monorail opens from 9am (Subject to operational restrictions) each day and closes one hour after the advertised ride close. Alternatively, you can walk from the car park to the theme park entrance. It takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending where you have parked your car.

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How much is a taxi to Alton Towers?

Home Much Is A Taxi To Alton Towers A taxi to Alton Towers from Stoke-on-Trent can cost between £15- £35 for a 4 seat saloon car. Use our booking page to get a quote for your journey to Alton Towers.

How much is the bus from Stoke on Trent to Alton Towers?

It will visit all bus stops between Hanley and Cheadle High Street before travelling on to the Alton Towers Resort. 32X buses will leave Alton Towers at 5.30pm each day. The return service from Stoke or Hanley costs £9 for adults or £6 for under-18s, students with a valid ID card or concessionary pass holders.

How much is taxi from Uttoxeter to Alton Towers?

The quickest way to get from Uttoxeter to Alton Towers Station is to taxi which costs £19 – £24 and takes 12 min. 5

How many rides are there at Alton Towers?

With over 40 rides and attractions at Alton Towers Theme Park there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Can you wear a bum bag on rides at Alton Towers?

Guests cannot ride with bags or loose items on our rides and so will be required to place bags either in lockers or on the ride platform. These facilities vary from ride to ride and belongings are always left at the owners risk.

What should I wear to Alton Towers?

Comfy shoes: These are a must. You will do a lot of walking and you don’t want blisters ruining the day. Ponchos/waterproof coats: If you are looking at going on one of the water rides it would be wise to make sure you are prepared. There’s nothing worse than trudging around in heavy wet jeans.

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Can you take food into Alton Towers?

No, you can’t bring food into the Waterpark. But there is the Adventurers Cave, right in the middle of the Waterpark, where you can get snacks and drinks.

Is there a KFC at Alton Towers?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), will be leaving the Alton Towers Resort when the current contract between the two parties expires at the end of this season. The new restaurant, located on the existing KFC site, will be called The Fried Chicken Co.

What are the queues like at Alton Towers?

On average, you can expect to wait around 60 minutes per coaster. This may seem like a lot but back when Corkscrew opened in 1980, the average queue time was SIX hours… and they had to stop letting people into the park at midday!

Can you do Alton Towers in a day?

One day just isn’t enough There’s so much to see and do at Alton Towers Resort, you can stay for days. We offer a 2 Day Pass for the Theme Park from just £44 for adults and £39.50 for children. You’ll be able to purchase this ticket ahead of our Theme Park opening on 12th April 2021.

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