Often asked: When Is Nottingham Forest On Tv?

What channel can I watch Nottingham Forest?

Sunday’s match will be broadcast live in the UK/Ireland by Sky Sports (kick-off 4.30pm).

Is Nottingham Forest vs Norwich on TV?

TV Coverage The game will be shown live by Sky Sports via their red button facility. The coverage will begin five minutes before the game is due to kick-off.

Is Swansea v Nottingham Forest on TV?

Is Swansea City v Nottingham Forest on TV? Yes, Swansea City v Nottingham Forest is being broadcast live on Sky Sports. Coverage on their Football channel is available from 7pm via the red button.

How can I listen to Nottingham Forest on the radio?

BBC Radio Nottingham, 103.8 FM, Nottingham, UK | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Is Forest v Luton on Sky?

How to watch Nottingham Forest v Luton on TV and live stream. You can watch the game live on Sky Sports Football or online via the SkyGo app from 11:30am.

Is Derby v Forest on Sky?

The match between Derby v Forest has been chosen for live coverage on Sky Sports. Viewers will be able to tune in to build-up from mid-day on Sky Sports Football.

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Is Coventry v Forest on TV?

Is it on TV? No, this match has not been selected for Sky Sports coverage and it will not be shown on the red button.

How can I watch Nottingham Forest vs Norwich?

How can I watch? Tonight’s match is free to watch for any Norwich City season ticket holder on iFollow. Non-season ticket holders are also able to buy a £10 match pass whilst the match is also being shown live on the Sky Sports Red Button. Nottingham Forest 0 Norwich City 1.

Is Nottingham Forest v Cardiff on TV?

Is Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City on TV? Yes. The game will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Football, with coverage set to start at 2.15pm BST. Fans can also stream the match via the Sky Go App.

How do I get red button on Sky?

To access the red button, go to any of the Sky Sports channels on your television and then press the red button to select that match you wish to watch.

Is Forest v Swansea on Sky?

Swansea City’s upcoming Championship games against Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forest have been selected for live TV coverage by Sky Sports.

Is Watford v Swansea on TV?

Is Watford v Swansea City on TV? No, the game will not be shown live on television.

How do I watch Swansea City?

HOW DO YOU WATCH? If you are on a desktop or laptop visit: live.swanseacity.com to log into your account approximately 30minutes before the game is due to kick-off. Ensure that you have selected the video or audio button.

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