Often asked: Where To Buy Mango Card Nottingham?

Can you still get mango cards?

Trentbarton Mango cards being phased out as bus company launches new app. Bus passengers will not be able to use mango cards in the coming months, following the launch of trentbarton’s new app for smart phones. More than 100,000 mango cards are currently active and 678,142 have been issued during the past 12 years.

How do you use a mango card on the bus?

You just register, load up with cash and touch on & off every time you use the bus. We also cap the amount you pay each day to our zigzag (day ticket) price, so what you spend is limited – you’ve got no need to worry if you want to take us for all we’ve got! Register here for your MANGO and to top it up.

Do Robin Hood cards work on Trent Barton?

Robin Hood Pay as You Go travel is available on all trentbarton [except red arrow and skylink Clifton], Kinchbus, NCT and Linkbus buses in the Greater Nottingham area and is valid for all NET tram stops. You can buy and top-up your Robin Hood cards from ticket machines across the city.

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How much is on my Mango Card?

You can view your balance at the top of the history page within the app. This amount reflects your balance at the start of the day and doesn’t account for your journeys made that day. The balance is refreshed at the end of each day and accounts for all travel made on that day. How much money can I put on my mango?

How does the new Mango app work?

The app has an on-screen balance and online top-up. After topping up with credit, either within the app or at a trentbarton travel shop, customers then use the app each time they travel. The mango app automatically generates a unique QR-style barcode to be scanned as the customer gets on board.

How do mango cards work?

Bus travel has never been easier with our mango app. Scan the QR code as you board the bus, and again as you leave. Once you hit our day, 7 day or 28 day caps any further travel will be free.

What is a mango bus ticket?

our tickets. Pick mango for 10% off adult cash singles. Our super caps mean your spending is limited, no matter how often you travel. Once you hit your cap, you can carry on travelling for free.

Can I top up my mango card on the bus?

Some of our buses are now introducing top-up on board, just let the driver know how much you want to add to your MANGO and pay – your MANGO will be ready to go with the new credit added straight away!

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How do I activate my Mango Card?

Your personalized Mango Card will be mailed within 1 day of ordering and you should receive it within 7 to 10 business days. Once you receive your card Activation is easy!, Go online or call the number on the back of your Mango card to activate.

Can you pay cash on Trent Barton buses?

No; you might not even know how much your fare will be. You pay our drivers in cash and we’re happy to give change, but if you can find the right money, it will make the going easier. Our find my fare guide can help. our mango app will save you money and means you don’t have to carry cash to pay – read more here.

Can you still use mango card on Trent Barton?

You’ll still be able to use your mango on the trentbarton part of your journey. When you use NET tram you will need to have a valid NET tram-ticket or product. If you travel only within the Nottingham city boundary, then Robin Hood pay-as-you-go provides joined up journey options.

Can I use my Mango Card on Nottingham trams?

It’s valid on NET tram services, as well as bus services run by Nottingham City Transport (NCT), trentbarton, Linkbus, CT4N and other bus services in the Greater Nottingham area.

What buses can I use my Robin Hood card on?

Robin Hood Season can be used on:

  • Nottingham City Transport.
  • trentbarton (except skylink express, red arrow or trentbarton night buses)
  • Kinchbus.
  • NET tram.
  • Linkbuses / CT4N.
  • Stagecoach.
  • East Midlands Railway.
  • Cross Country Trains.
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Can I use my Derbyshire bus pass on Nottingham trams?

Gold Cards are valid for free travel, off-peak on local buses anywhere in England. You can also get free travel on the Sheffield Supertram but not on the Nottingham Tram. You can travel free after 9:30am up to 11pm weekdays, anytime weekends and on bank holidays.

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