Quick Answer: How Much Is It To Park At Nottingham City Hospital?

Is it still free to park at City Hospital Nottingham?

Parking remains free for those patients with long-term conditions who need regular, repeat visits to hospital such as for chemotherapy and dialysis”. “Running and maintaining our car parks is expensive and these costs are rising year-on-year.

Do blue badge holders pay for parking at Nottingham City Hospital?

There is anger over Nottingham hospital trust’s decision to reintroduce parking charges. Parking for patients and visitors, which has been free since the start of the pandemic, will remain free for blue badge holders, the trust confirmed.

Is it still free parking at Kingsmill hospital?

There is a car park at King’s Mill hospital which is barrier controlled. The hospital also offers a free drop off point zone outside the main hospital entrance and the emergency department. Parking charges: 15 minutes: free.

Do you have to pay for parking at the QMC?

Nottingham University Hospitals’ Trust, which runs City Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre, will be making the changes starting on Monday, January 11. Parking has been free at the two hospitals since the start of the pandemic but rising car park costs means the trust has made the decision to reintroduce the charges.

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Do you have to pay for disabled parking at Nottingham City Hospital?

Parking remains free for badge holders with long-term conditions who need regular, repeat visits to hospital (such as for chemotherapy and dialysis). In addition, those who are in receipt of certain benefits or on low income will be exempt.

How does Park and Ride work Nottingham?

The park and ride sites in Nottingham are all intended for daily use only. We cannot give you permission to park overnight in any of the sites and if you leave your car at anytime of the day or night, you do so at your own risk.

How much is Medilink bus Nottingham?

The new charge will be £1.20 per journey. However, a discount is available if booking in advance using pre-paid Robin Hood tickets. This will cost £1 per journey. The Medilink is a council-funded hopper bus service that runs between Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital.

Is the Nottingham Medilink running?

The award-winning Medilink service runs around every 10 minutes between 5.45am and 8pm, Monday to Friday. The service links the two main hospital sites and the Wilkinson Street and Queen’s Drive park and ride sites. There are additional stops at the junction of Nuthall Road and Crown Island. Medilink fares March 2019.

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