Readers ask: What Junction Off M1 Is Ikea Nottingham?

How big is Ikea in Nottingham?

“Like a home magazine but in real life” is how staff describe the new-look 3,500 square metre showroom, which is all about finding solutions whatever the size and shape of your property.

Is giltbrook a town?

Giltbrook is a village in England situated approximately 6 miles (9.7 km) northwest of Nottingham and within close reach of junction 26 of the M1 motorway. It is part of Greasley (Giltbrook and Newthorpe) ward, which had a population of 6,076 in 2001, increasing to 6,233 at the 2011 Census.

When was Ikea giltbrook built?

Nottingham’s Ikea at Giltbrook Retail Park opened in August, 1997 – the sixth ever store to open in the UK.

Who owns Giltbrook Retail Park?

The site (excluding Ikea) is owned by British Land, a FTSE 100 company headquartered in London. It was purchased in 2005 and the developments on the northern portion of the site were opened in 2008.

Is Sheffield IKEA bigger than Nottingham?

A new Ikea store – which will be bigger than the ones in Nottinghamshire and Coventry – is set to open and it will only be around an hour’s drive from Leicester. The huge shop will open near Meadowhall, Sheffield, and it is set to be a 35,000 square metre behemoth.

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What is the biggest IKEA in the UK?

The largest UK Ikea store is in Wembley, just on the edge of London, where the company operates a 40,0000 sq ft unit.

What council is giltbrook?

Settlements include Beeston —where the council is based—Attenborough, Awsworth, Bramcote, Brinsley, Chilwell, Cossall, Eastwood, Giltbrook, Greasley, Kimberley, Moorgreen, Newthorpe, Nuthall, Stapleford, Strelley, Swingate, Toton, Trowell and Watnall. Additionally a small part of Wollaton falls within Broxtowe.

What shops are on the Giltbrook Retail Park?


  • Barker and Stonehouse. Is your house a Barker and Stonehouse?
  • Bensons for Beds. When you buy a bed from Bensons, you can be sure of expert help and advice along with only the best after-sales service.
  • Boots.
  • Costa Coffee in Next.
  • Decathlon.
  • Escape.
  • Frankie & Benny’s.
  • Harveys.

What Junction is Ikea Nottingham?

The store is located on Giltbrook Retail Park, on the A610. The A610 is located off the M1 Junction 26.

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