Readers ask: When Did Brian Clough Take Over At Nottingham Forest?

When did Brian Clough manage Nottingham Forest?

Clough’s frequent outspoken comments against football’s establishment eventually led to him falling out with the board of directors at the club, and following brief periods at Brighton and Hove Albion and Leeds United, Clough and Taylor went on to manage Derby’s local rivals Nottingham Forest in 1975.

When did Brian Clough retire?

forest farewell. It was a momentous month: May 1993. “We will never the see the like again,” declared the Nottingham Forest matchday programme, as Brian Clough retired from football management after 18 years in charge of the Reds. His final home league game was against Sheffield United on 1st May, 1993.

Is Brian Clough dead?

Zach Clough (Nottingham Forest) A striker who isn’t related to either Nigel or Brian, Zach Clough isn’t quite at Premier League starting XI level yet but is a promising young English footballer and in these troubling Brexit-ish times, that could prove invaluable.

Where is Nigel Clough now?

Nigel Clough has resigned as Burton Albion manager to help the League One club adjust to the financial challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Clough, who is on a rolling contract, will end his second spell in charge next month and be replaced by the club captain, Jake Buxton.

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Who does Nigel Clough manage now?

The legendary Derby and Nottingham Forest boss had an unsuccessful interview for the England job in 1977, altering the course of history forever. The greatest manager England never had. That’s the epitaph to Brian Clough’s career.

Why did Brian Clough leave Leeds?

“I was taking over the league champions. I wanted to have a crack at the European Cup and win it. I wanted to do something you hadn’t done.” At the end of the programme, the interviewer Austin Mitchell asks Clough where he goes from there – after his resignation at Derby and disappointment at Brighton.

Who replaced Brian Clough at Leeds?

Clough was replaced in October 1974 by former England captain Jimmy Armfield, who stabilised the club – Leeds finished 9th in the league – and Revie’s old team made one last swansong in the European Cup, reaching the final of the competition after defeating Spanish champions Barcelona over two legs, a team captained by

How old was Don Revie when he died?

Illness and death He died in his sleep in Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh on 26 May 1989, aged 61, and was cremated four days later at Warriston Crematorium in Edinburgh.

How old is Nigel Clough?

Clough went on to call the Italian team “cheating bastards”. On 15 October 1973, both he and Clough resigned, partially after a dispute with the Derby board over Taylor’s crucial but largely undefined role, although numerous reasons were behind Clough and Taylor’s resignation.

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