Readers ask: Where Is Nottingham Coach Station?

Where do National Express coaches leave from in Nottingham?

Want to know where your coach is? Use Coach Tracker from your mobile or desktop to track your coach in real-time. All National Express arrivals & departures leave outside the Capital One Building, so please be aware of your service number to avoid missing your coach.

How long is a coach from London to Nottingham?

How long does the bus take from London to Nottingham? On average, the bus takes approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes to get from London to Nottingham. The fastest journey by bus from London to Nottingham is 2 hours and 50 minutes, however, your journey time may vary depending on traffic conditions along the route.

Is Digbeth coach station closing?

The last ever coach to London to leave Digbeth Coach station before its closure, 12 November 2007.

Can I buy a National Express ticket on the coach?

Booking at the station You can also book your ticket at one of our coach stations, or even direct from the coach driver on the day of travel. You don’t have to pay a booking fee when you purchase a ticket from a driver.

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Is Nottingham a good place to live?

Providing great provisions for students and families alike Nottingham is truly a great city to call home. Nottingham is full of historic locations explored and offers locals a delightful, balanced lifestyle. So, if you want to live in Nottingham, there is no time like the present!

Where does the Megabus stop in Nottingham?

WaterFront House, Station Street.

How long is the train journey from London to Liverpool?

How long does it take to travel from London to Liverpool by train? The average journey time from London to Liverpool takes 2 hours 33 minutes. Journey times may be slightly longer at weekends and on Bank Holidays. Check journey times on your travel dates with our online journey planner or download a timetable.

Is Digbeth coach station in the clean air zone?

All roads within the A4540 Middleway ring road which circles Birmingham city centre are included in the clean air zone. The Middleway itself is not included but the A38 and its tunnels through the city centre are included. Areas such as New Street, Digbeth, Lee Bank and Ladywood are all included.

What does Coach Station mean?

A coach station is an area or a building which coaches leave from or arrive at on regular journeys. [British]regional note: in AM, use bus station.

How far is Birmingham coach station from train station?

How far is the train station from Birmingham Coach Station in Birmingham? The nearest train station to Birmingham Coach Station in Birmingham is a 10 min walk away.

Is Victoria Coach Station safe at night?

You could overnight, or arrive early in the morning, leave your bags at Left Luggage at the station, spend the day in York, and go on up to Edinburgh that evening after dinner. Victoria Station is safe. The area will be very crowded and busy during the morning and evening rush, so the usual precautions apply.

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How far is Victoria coach from train station?

Victoria Coach Station is a 10 to 15 minute walk from Victoria Station, which is the railway and Underground station.

Is London Victoria train station near the coach station?

Location. Both Victoria Coach Station and the Green Line Coach Station are south of Victoria Rail and Underground Station around a 5-min walk away.

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