How To Object To A Pub Licence?

How do you object to a licensing application?

If you want to object to an application you must make a ‘representation’ to the licensing authority by the closing date. Any person may make a relevant representation against a licence application. A person cannot make representations anonymously.

How do I object alcohol licence UK?

Anyone can have a say about licensing decisions – you can comment on an existing licence or a new application by writing to the relevant licensing authority (local council). All premises selling alcohol to the public need licences (eg pubs, supermarkets, nightclubs).

Can you suspend an alcohol licence?

Some applications may be delayed, particularly where they require an inspection of a premises or site assessment to be carried out. If your business is closed and you are unable to pay the licence fee when due over the next few months, you can ask for a suspension of your licence by emailing [email protected]

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Can a pub act as an off licence?

Will all premises that currently only have permission for on-sales be given the new permission for off-sales? Most will, but some will be excluded. The permission is only given to businesses with premises licences, so those organisations with club premises certificates are not covered by the provisions in the Act.

How do I report a pub without a license?

How to report an incident. You can report incidents as follows: Breach of licensing conditions: Report a licensing matter online. Noise from entertainment at premises: Report noise or nuisance online or call our Noise Team on 020 8871 6127.

What does a premises licence allow to take place?

A premises licence, or a club premises certificate, is a permanent licence granted for a specific location, that authorises the holder to carry on any or all of the following licensable activities: the sale of alcohol. the supply of alcohol by a club to its members and guests.

Is it illegal to drink alcohol while working behind a bar UK?

The old 1964 Licensing Act did permit the employer, at his own expense, to supply an alcoholic beverage to staff, to be consumed on the premises and whilst they finished off their duties. nder the 2003 Licensing Act, a purchase by staff (or by management upon behalf of staff) after permitted hours is an offence.

What is the importance of the licensing objectives?

1.3 The licensing objectives are: • The prevention of crime and disorder; Public safety; • The prevention of public nuisance; and • The protection of children from harm. 1.4 Each objective is of equal importance.

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When and how must appeals against a decision of the Licensing Committee be made?

You must make your appeal within 21 days of being formally told of the Licensing Committees’ decision in writing.

Are pubs licensed for off-sales?

Pubs can cater for off-sales from a planning and licensing perspective, provided that: there are no conditions on the licence restricting off-sales; customers are not allowed to consume the alcohol on the premises (which includes any area of the premises, such as a beer garden or other outside area); and.

Who can become a DPS?

Any premise at which alcohol is sold or supplied may employ 1 or more personal alcohol licence holders but only 1 can be named on the licence at any one time. The DPS will normally be the individual who has been given day to day responsibility for managing the premise by the premises licence holder.

How long does a premises license last?

How long does a premises licence last? A premises licence lasts for the lifetime of the business, unless you apply for a licence for a shorter period.

Is it illegal to eat behind a bar UK?

Under the Licensing Act 2003, you’ re allowed to employ people under the age of 18 to work and serve alcohol behind your bar, as long as each sale is approved by a responsible person over 18 — this can be the designated premises supervisor, premises license holder, or someone who has been authorised to do so by the

How much money does a bar make UK?

The average bar or nightclub brings in between $25,000 to $30,000 of revenue per month (or £17,977 to £21,573 per month). Typical operating expenses (wages, rent, inventory, etc.)

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What licenses do I need to open a bar UK?

Aside from registering your business, all bars need an alcohol license, which is usually awarded by the local council. You also need to think about food-handling licenses, music licenses, health and safety and building permits if you are making renovations to your current space.

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