Often asked: How Much Is Gin And Tonic In A Pub?

How much is the average gin and tonic?

The average cost of a G&T across all countries now stands at £9.25, according to the study. Brits are some of the heftiest gin drinkers in the world.

How much does gin cost in the UK?

A 700ml bottle of gin costs an average of £23.06, compared with £18.91 five years ago. Its most common mixer, tonic water, is also up 18% over the same period.

Why is gin so expensive in pubs?

Prices of botanicals – key ingredients in gin – have risen due to currency and exchange rates as well as growth in demand, he adds. “However, for most the cost of production is still what it was five years ago,” Mr Chase says. “There’s just more marketing nous which means some are putting the price up.”

Why is tonic so expensive?

The prices of some tonic water brands can be shockingly high. Tonic water began as an antimalarial treatment made from bitter quinine extracted from the bark of the cinchona, or “fever,” tree. The addition of sugar (and gin) made it more palatable.

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Which gin is the most expensive?

The Most Expensive Gins In The World

  • Watenshi, England.
  • Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV, England.
  • Nolet’s Reserve Modern Gin, Holland.
  • Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut, Germany.
  • Anty Gin, England.
  • Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin, Wales.
  • Spring Gin Gentleman’s Cut, Belgium.
  • HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin Limited Release, Isle of Wight.

What is the most popular gin in America?

Seagram’s Gin has been the number one selling gin brand in the United States for several decades. Seagram’s Gin — a product of the original Seagram’s franchise, which began in Waterloo, Canada in 1883 — first hit shelves in 1939, following the end of the Prohibition, and has been an American favorite ever since.

Where can I buy cheap gin?

Best UK Sites to Buy Cheap Gin

  • Aldi.
  • Tesco.
  • ASDA.
  • Sainsbury’s.
  • Marks & Spencers.
  • Amazon.
  • Morrisons.
  • John Lewis.

What is the best gin in the UK?

Best British gins

  • Audemus Spirits Umami Oak Finished Gin, £34.95/50cl, The Whisky Exchange.
  • Cambridge Distillery Three Seasons Gin, £90/70cl, cambridgedistillery.co.uk.
  • HYKE Gin Very Special, £36/70cl, foxholespirits.com.
  • Fishers Gin, Suffolk, £39.95/70cl.

What percentage of alcohol is in gin?

Gin is a spirit made from juniper berries. It can have anywhere from 35% to 55% ABV.

What should I drink after gin?

A Fruit Cup. A fruit cup is an absolute British classic; typically a gin-based fruit concoction which is intended to be made into a long drink by the addition of a mixer like lemonade or ginger ale.

Who drinks gin and tonics?

People who drink gin and tonics are usually pretty simple, down to earth people with no frills (aside from the ones that are psychopaths). Ordering a gin and tonic means that you’re a classic person who will choose a tried-and-true drink over anything too out-there.

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When should I drink gin?

Drink gin neat. Drinking a spirit neat means you drink it without any additional preparation. This means no chilling, no ice, and no mix. To enjoy gin this way, pour a standard shot, which is 1½ ounces (44 ml), of gin into an old fashioned cocktail glass.

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