Often asked: Where Is Neil Morrissey Pub?

What pubs does Neil Morrissey own?

Morrissey now owns a chain of pubs in Staffordshire, including The Plume of Feathers in Barlaston, and more recently The Old Bramshall Inn in Bramshall.

Does Neil Morrissey still own a pub?

A spokesperson for Star Pubs & Bars said: “The Old Bramshall Inn, Uttoxeter, is leased to an independent operator to run as their own business. The pub has remained closed since March 2020. The With Neil Morrissey Pub Company’s other Staffordshire boozer, the Plume of Feathers, in Barlaston, is open for business.

Is Neil Morrissey married?

Alex Jennings (Victoria, The Crown) Kevin R McNally (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Designated Survivor), Neil Morrissey (Line Of Duty, The Good Karma Hospital) and James Fleet (Indian Summers, The Vicar Of Dibley) have joined the cast for the new six-part series, playing a “close-knit group of old school friends that have

How old is Neil Morrissey?

By the end of the first series, Enfield felt out of place in the sitcom and decided to quit. It has also been reported that Enfield has claimed he felt “uncomfortable’” in the program, and left stating that a “proper actor” would do the job far better. Gary and Dermot are two flatmates.

Does Neil Morrissey have a son?

Morrissey and Martin Clunes were already good friends after having met via mutual north London mates, and when Harry Enfield quit the sitcom after one series, Clunes suggested Morrissey for the flatmate role.

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How tall is Neil Morrissey?

6′ 3″

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