Often asked: Who Owns Flaming Grill Pub Chain?

Do Greene King own flaming grill?

Our Pub Company is made up of all the pubs, restaurants and hotels that we manage in England, Scotland and Wales. It includes much-loved brands like Hungry Horse, Chef & Brewer, Farmhouse Inns and Flaming Grill, as well as our Greene King Local pubs.

Who owns Spiritpubs?

Greene King, the UK’s leading pub retailer and brewer, has successfully acquired Spirit Pub Company for £774 million* in the most high profile deal in the pub sector since 2005 when Punch Taverns acquired the original Spirit Pub Company.

When did Greene King buy spirit?

Spirit Pub Company plc (Spirit) was a pub and restaurant company in the United Kingdom, based in Burton upon Trent and originally formed by Punch Taverns. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange, until it was acquired by Greene King in June 2015.

What pubs does Greene King own?

Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels

  • Chef & Brewer.
  • Farmhouse Inns.
  • Hungry Horse.
  • Greene King Local Pubs.
  • Metropolitan Pub Company.
  • Wacky Warehouse.
  • Greene King Inns.
  • Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill.

Is Hungry Horse owned by Greene King?

Hungry Horse is a chain of 284 pub restaurants in England, Wales and Scotland which is owned by Greene King Brewery.

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Do all Greene King pubs allow dogs?

At Greene King Inns we want to make sure you have the same great experience, no matter where you travel. We’ve got free Wi-Fi in all our locations and complimentary parking. We pride ourselves on being dog-friendly, with rooms at many of our locations to suit.

What pubs do Punch Taverns own?

This included the branded pubs Chef & Brewer, Taylor Walker Pubs, Fayre & Square, Original Pub Company, Flaming Grill Pub Company, John Barras Pub Company, Wacky Warehouse and Good Night Inns. Each shareholder in Punch received one share in Spirit Pub Company.

Who owns Fayre and Square?

The menu features pictures of food items — the tagline is Fayre & Square — great food and drink at great prices. Punch Pub Company boss Mike Tye has previously indicated he planned to re-position up to one in four of the 800 managed pubs.

Is Green King a franchise?

Greene King currently has over 1900 franchises in the form of pubs, restaurants and hotels, and includes well-known brands such as Hungry Horse, Chef and Brewer, Farmhouse Inns and Flaming Grills.

Who owns the most pubs in the UK?

Following their acquisition of the Ei Group, Stonegate became the largest pub company in the UK with 4,708 pubs throughout the country. They were followed, respectively, by Mitchells & Butlers plc, JD Wetherspoon, and Whitbread.

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