Quick Answer: How To Deal With Travellers In Your Pub?

Can you refuse to serve Travellers?

Equality Act 2010 It is race discrimination to refuse to serve a customer because they are a traveller or gypsy. Romany and Irish Gypsies are protected by The Equality Act 2010.

How do you deal with travelers?

If they refuse to go, there are three main legal routes to removing travellers: applying for a possession order; using common law rights to recover the land; and relying on the police to take action. Farmers can apply to county court for a possession order. They will need put up copies of their claim form on the land.

Do Travellers have rights?

Everyone has rights, including Gypsies, Travellers and people on whose land unauthorised camping takes place. Gypsies and Travellers are protected from discrimination by the Equality Act 2010, together with all ethnic groups who have a particular culture, language and values, including white and black people.

What do Irish Travellers eat?

The most popular items that Irish parents bring on holidays are biscuits (44pc), crisps (39pc), teabags (32pc) and even bread (19pc), according to Emirates Holidays. Two thirds of travelling parents admit they bring a stash of foods on holidays.

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Can a pub landlord refuse entry to anyone?

A: As a licensee you do have the right to refuse entry to whomever you wish, however the reasons for any refusal must not be unlawful. For instance equality legislation makes it unlawful to refuse entry on the grounds of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation and disability amongst other things.

Can a publican refuse entry to anyone?

Under the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal for a provider of services to the public to discriminate against someone. This means a shop or restaurant for example, that is open to the public, may be in danger of disability discrimination if it decides to ban someone from entering without a mask.

How long can travelers stay?

If the travellers don’t move or return to the land within three months, then they have committed a criminal offence and can be fined up to £1,000. Your local police force has similar powers where the trespassers have caused damage, been abusive or there are six or more vehicles on the land.

How do you evict a gypsy?

You can go down the court route and obtain a possession order, but this is costly and time-consuming. The quickest method for evicting travellers is to use Common Law. This enables our bailiffs to move groups of gypsies on immediately – often clearing the site on the same day we’re instructed.

Do Travellers pay tax?

Gypsies don’t pay tax! Like everyone else Gypsies and Travellers pay road tax, VAT on goods and services, and income tax when working or self-employed. They pay council tax and licence fees on settled sites. Gypsies and Travellers don’t care about society!

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Do Travellers use the toilets in their caravans?

So you will find no sinks in Gypsy caravans because these could be for mixed use – for washing the body and for washing crockery. Similarly Gypsies will not have toilets inside their caravans – which they call trailers- because the trailer must be kept pure like the body’s inside.

Can anyone live on a Travellers site?

If you are interested on living on a pitch you will need to contact the relevant local authority and complete an application form. You will need to speak with the Gypsy / Traveller Liaison Officer, many of whom are listed in our Services Directory.

Can I let Travellers stay on my land?

Using Common law Common law, Section 61 of the Criminal Justice Act, states that landowners have the right to remove travellers from their land using ‘reasonable force’ if required. You do need to have Certified Enforcement officers (once known as bailiffs) involved in the process to ensure it is legal and correct.

Where do Irish Travellers get their money?

Email “Irish Travellers are prospering in America and “make most of their money from life insurance ” ”.

Why do Irish Travellers dress provocatively?

A key cultural difference, for example, is that Irish Traveller girls may dress provocatively but it’s a case of look but don’t touch: they are brought up not to have sex before marriage. They are generally married young – 16 is commonplace – and look after the home, while the man provides for the family.

Who is the most famous Gypsy?


  • Michael Caine (1933)
  • Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)
  • Yul Brynner (1920-1985)
  • Elvis Prisley (1935-1977)
  • Bob Hoskins (1942-2014)
  • Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
  • Rita Hayworth (1918-1987)

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