Where Can I Use Pub Tokens?

How do you use pub tokens?

Pub Tokens can be used like cash at any participating outlet as shown on our website to pay for food, drinks or accommodation and, like cash, can be used in conjunction with any other promotions available to cash customers unlike some other gift vouchers and cards.

How long do Pub Tokens last?

Pub Tokens currently being issued expire on 12 March 2023. 9. We aim to dispatch all orders received before 2pm Mon-Fri on the same working day.

Are Pub Tokens legit?

You can buy Pub Tokens direct from us as well as a limited number of third party re-sellers. If you are offered the opportunity to purchase Pub Tokens by any third party then please contact us to check that the tokens are legitimate.

What were pub tokens?

Pub tokens or tavern tokens (as they are known in Great Britain and Ireland) or bar tokens or chits (United States usage) are a form of exonumia used in drinking establishments.

How does the government 10 meal deal work?

Back in July Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced this new government-backed scheme to help encourage diners to eat out again in restaurants following lockdown. “Meals eaten at any participating business will be 50% off up to a maximum discount of £10 per head for everyone, including children.

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What are bar chips used for?

A bar chip, or more commonly called, drink chip, is “a form of exonumia used in drinking establishments ” (Wikipedia – Pub Token). In English, it’s something you receive when someone buys you a “backup” drink.

How do you get beer tokens?

Beer Tokens are our loyalty reward points and can be earned by completing different actions when logged into your Beer Hawk account. Once earnt Beer Tokens last for 6 months, you can view your balance on your dashboard when you are logged in. Go to the Beer Tokens section, and then Points History.

What is a beer coin?

About Beer Money Beer Money is the Brewery of the Blockchain Era. The BEER token combines two growing markets: craft beer and cryptocurrency. BEER is a digital asset based on Nem’s blockchain.

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